Sunday, October 3, 2010

Toys ' R' Us & the Beauty and the Beast Internet Coupon - It's a No Go for Me!

After last week's TRU Internet Printable experience, I was extremely interested to see this deal in today's ad:

If Corporate can't take IPs, then why are they advertising it???   My husband called our local TRU, and they said that they would NOT honor the IP, even though it was in the ad.

Now I'm weighing my options:
  • Buy Beauty and the Beast from TRU anyway.  I've already put down $5, so I'd just have to pay $17.99.  If I pre-order Toy Story 3, I'll get $10 off making my purchase only $7.99 + $5 for pre-ordering Toy Story 3.   $12.99 (plus free coupon book) in all,  and I'll have to buy TS3 from TRU without a coupon.
  •  Buy Beauty and the Beast from Target for $14.99 after $10 IP.  I'd receive a free CD, which I know my daughter would love.  I'd be free to buy TS3 from any store, and I'm sure there will be some neat promos with that.  (Wonder what TRU's promo will be??)
After being bummed about the not-so-great deal I'll be getting when purchasing the movie, I was glad to see info about a $5 rebate for Beauty and the Beast (or Toy Story 3) at Couponing to Disney!

I'm interesting in hearing your stories with using the Beauty and the Beast $10 coupon at TRU!


ideas said...

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Tonya said...

Thanks for visiting!


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