Monday, September 13, 2010

New FREE Kindle Downloads!

I absolutely LOVE the Kindle app on my iPhone because I am constantly finding free books on Amazon.  I just recently downloaded the following FREE books:






 Romantic Mystery

Romantic Comedy

Religious Historical Fiction

 Celebrity Memoir

Christian Memoir

There are many, many more free books for Kindle on Amazon, but please be sure to read the descriptions and the reviews before downloading so that you don't accidentally get something (like the many erotic fiction offerings) that you don't want!

Also, remember that free titles change frequently!  Four other books that I downloaded at the same time as these are no longer free, but there are some books that have been free for months. I recommend checking out the Top 100 Bestsellers.  The list is shown with the top 100 paid, so you can easily check it for cheap downloads.

Don't have a Kindle?  Click here to download Kindle to your iPhone, PC, Blackberry, iPad, or Mac.



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