Thursday, July 16, 2009


When you hear "save the day," you probably think of superheros, right? Unfortunately, Wonder Woman and Spiderman are usually too busy to help us regular folk out in our day-to-day misadventures. Sometimes, our days can be saved by something simple like the perfect lipstick or a free frosty. If only we knew where to find them...

As a working mom of two, I am always looking for ways to save my day by savin' my time, my money, and (most often) my sanity, and I want to pass those ideas on to others in need of a little savin'.

At Savin' the Day, you'll find that I discuss several different topics. Here's a short explanation for each:

Thoughts - Sometimes I want to share an experience, tell my opinion, or maybe just ramble about nothing in particular. Writing helps save my sanity, and hopefully, it will help yours too!

Reviews - I know, I know. There are a lot of review blogs out there. The difference here at Savin' the Day is that I tell you about things - products, movies, music - that save the day for me in some way. I may tell you about a new lipstick I found at Walgreens or a play I saw...who knows. If I do accept compensation for a review, I do that with full disclsoure.

Deals - I LOVE to shop. I save money so that I can have more money to spend. I post deals on products that could save the day for you. I especially try to pair up deals with the products discussed in the review section.

Reads - Reading is my passion, and it has definitely saved my day in many different ways. If I were given three wishes, one of them would be that everyone knew the joy of reading. I don't think I'll be finding a genie's lamp any time soon, so instead I share all types of great books with hope that at least one will spark your interest.

Giveaways - From time to time, I host giveaways of products that will save your day. I also share relevant giveways from around the blogosphere.

I really hope that you enjoy your time here at Savin' the Day! Please feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear from you!

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