Monday, May 3, 2010

Jen's Book Review: Three Cups of Tea

      In 1993 Greg Mortenson, an avid mountain climber, was in Pakistan attempting to climb K2. He ended up lost and eventually found a small village that welcomed and cared for him. He was moved by the villager's kindness to a complete stranger and wanted to repay them. After seeing nearly 100 village kids sitting in an open field attending "school," Mortenson decided he would like to build a school. He made a promise to the village and returned home to America. He had no money and lived out of his car but was determined to somehow raise the money. He eventually received enough money from a generous donor to build one school. Mortenson has since built 80+ schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, making a huge difference in these children's lives and making himself a very respected individual in that region. The schools Mortenson has built not only give an education to the poorest children, they also keep them from being recruited by extremists.

     There is so much more to this amazing story, but I'll let you read the book for the details. You will not believe all Mortenson endures and his determination to make a difference. He truly is an example of how one person can change the world. California U. S. Representative Mary Bono (Sonny Bono's widow) said "Greg Mortenson represents the best of America. He's my hero. And after you read Three Cups of Tea, he'll be your hero, too." I couldn't agree more.

     In the Afterword, they mention that this book is required reading for senior U.S. military commanders, Pentagon officers in counter-insurgency training, and Special Forces deploying to Afghanistan. This book needs to find its way into everyone's home. Americans have come to associate Muslims with terrorism, which couldn't be more wrong. Three Cups of Tea shows the other side of the story, revealing true Muslims as a peaceful, devoted people.

     Please check out their website and They have an
amazing thing going.

Tonya's Note:  Check out the versions made for young adults and children.

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