Monday, May 17, 2010

Jen's Book Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Robert Langdon is asked by his good friend Peter Solomon to give a lecture in the U.S. Capitol Building, butwhen he arrives and finds there is no lecture taking place, he realizes something is wrong. Soon afterwards in the rotunda a gruesome object with several symbols is found. Langdon recognizes the object as an ancient invitation. He receives a phone call and is informed Solomon has been kidnapped and his life depends on Langdon's finding an ancient secret. What follows is a race throughout Washington D.C. to uncover this mystery by deciphering codes and symbols. Langdon discovers a world of Masonic secrets and unveils a hidden history that could change the world. Will he solve the mystery in time to save his friend and the world?
This book is the third Dan Brown book I have read (The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons), and once again I was not disappointed. Brown does an excellent job of creating thrillers. I almost could not put this book down. In fact, last night I was trying to finish it with a certain little man laying in my arms. I love how Langdon incorporates so much history into his books. It's a history lesson disguised as entertainment! He states at the beginning that all organizations in this book are real, along with the rituals, science, artwork, and monuments. He definitely does not skimp on discussing the history of the city. It's amazing to learn what all is hidden in plain view. Throughout the entire book Langdon was successful in keeping me on my toes and guessing all the way to the conclusion. I highly recommend this book but do make sure you read the first two books prior to it.
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