Sunday, December 27, 2009

$10 Pizza Days @ Pizza Hut!!!

Tired of leftovers, but have little room in your budget for anything else???  Pizza Hut has you covered!!!  For a limited time, get ANY pizza, ANY size, ANY crust, and ANY toppings for JUST $10!!!!!!!!

I played around with ordering to see what I would be charged for different combinations, and no matter what I put (with regular crust), it was $10.  I even added every type of meat offered, and my total was still $10!  The offer says that there is an additional charge for stuffed crust, and my mock order with stuffed crust did add a $1 to my total.

UPDATE:  We took advantage of this deal tonight.  We ordered 1 large hand-tossed pizza with pepperoni, sausage &1/2 onions  and 1 large thin & crispy with 1/2 black olives & 1/2 extra cheese.  Our total was under $22, tax included. 



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