Saturday, September 12, 2009

Too Early to Think about Christmas?? Never!

Over the past year, I've picked up a lot of toys as I've seen them on clearance. Last Christmas, I stored a good number of gifts that I decided to save for later. So, really I could probably get away with very little shopping for the kids. Of course, I have decided now that I want to get a few really cool "different" presents for them instead of a bunch of the typical department store toys.

Here's my list (so far) for my little princess:

  • a few tutus - I am not a crafty person, but a friend and I are going to try to make them ourselves! (We'll be turning to Trisha at MomDot for help!)
  • Piggy Paint (I'm thinking Ice Cream Dream and Forever Fancy.)
  • personalized stickers and coloring book from Frecklebox

My son's list is not as creative:

  • ?? from Frecklebox -- maybe stickers? a journal?
  • lap desk

I'd love some ideas! Do you have any for me? What's on your list for your children?



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