Friday, September 25, 2009

Great Costume Deals

This year my son decided that even he is sick of being Spiderman for Halloween. Fine with me, except that he picked this Gymboree costume:

$12.95 + $34.75 = WAY more money that I would ever spend on a Halloween costume

After finding a 20% coupon in October's Parenting magazine (a free subscription, of course!), I decided to check out the costume in the store again. Lo and behold, the costumes were marked down! The new number sentence was this:

$4.99 + $22.49 = Still more than I wanted to pay


$4.99 + $22.49 - 20% ($5.50) = a doable $21.98

I also earned $25 in Gymbucks because my total purchase ended up being over $50. (Btw, all the prices include tax.)

My toddler daughter decided that she wants to be Tinkerbell. I think i could have steered her in other directions, but I saw this adorable Tinkerbell outfit at BRU and knew it was just perfect for her.

The price? $24.99. NOT Perfect. Even though I knew that she would get lots of wear out of it - Disney characters show up in our house often - I didn't want to pay that much. So, I waited. And as always, Angie at Baby Cheapskate came through yesterday with a coupon for 30% off any shoe and appareal purchase! Some of her readers confirmed that costumes were eligible, and they were on sale for 20% off.

Of course, I headed to BRU right away and got the perfect Tinkerbell costume for the awesome price of $13.99! Both Mommy and daughter were extremely happy!

Oh, and I got this too for the same price.

(Every girl needs a witch costume, right?)


Molly said...

Good job, Tonya!! You scored!

Tonya said...

Thanks! I was very excited!

Karen said...

Hey, good deal. I also stumbled upon this great deal on FatWallet. In summary, is offering 10% off of ANY purchase, you just have to use coupon code LETSPLAY10 at checkout. You can go directly to their online store here.


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