Sunday, July 5, 2009

Exciting Changes!

I'm usually not one who is excited by change, but I'm absolutely thrilled about the new things I have in store for Savin' the Day!

The first thing you'll notice in the coming week is a new design. Rachel at Blog Candy Designs has created a GREAT new look for me. The design is exactly what I was looking for -- colorful, yet simple. Rachel has been a dream to work with, and I highly recommend her!

While you're looking at the design, you'll discover navigation tabs for topics that Savin' the Day has never covered. I love sharing sales and deals with my readers, but I have been feeling very limited. I often want to share MORE with you; yet, I felt like I had to stick to the topic of savin' money. Now, you'll get to read my thoughts about a bunch of different topics: books, products, stores, food to name a few. Of course, I'll still share sales and deals and ways to earn money.

I hope that you will join me back here later this week for the NEW Savin' the Day! (There might just be a giveaway or two!)



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