Friday, July 31, 2009

Coupons for Tax-Free Day in Mississippi!

No sales tax in Mississippi means that we'll pay 7% less on our clothing and shoes purchases. Not bad if you really need to buy some things, but using coupons could allow for some great deals. Below are some coupons that I've found or been sent. You'll note that some coupons are valid only in MS. If there's not a note, then the coupon is valid nationwide.

Children Place - 25% off, valid July 31 - Aug 1 (Thanks to my friend Heather!)

Kohl's - 15%, valid July 31 - Aug 1 **Possibly MS only**(The coupon could be referring to the tax free days or to the coupon. *Reader Megan just let me know that TN has a 15% coupon with a different code. She also shared that she was able to get a $25 pair of Mary Janes for her daughter for less than $3 [including TN tax] after 70% clearance, 15% coupon, and $5 Kohl's cash.)

JC Penney's - 15%, valid July 29 - Augst 1

Old Navy - Various at - (list of hiding places)

There are also the 30% friends and family coupons for Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic. I was under the impression that they were limited in some way, but I see people linking to them on messageboards. If you are interested in getting one of them, check out some of the coupon message boards.

I looked for a Gymboree printable and did not find one. I recall seeing a 20% off card in a Parents or Parenting magazine, but I do not know what issue or if the coupon is still in date. I'd love for someone to share that info if she/he knows!



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