Monday, June 15, 2009

New Borders Super Coupon - Good 6/15 - 6/18 - UPDATED

Just in time for Father's Day!

Use the latest Super Coupon from Borders to get major savings in-store! Here's what you can get:

- $20 off 1 Rosetta Stone software
- $10 off any hardcover over $35
- $10 off tote bag
- $5 off any or all: 1 DVD, 1 CD, 1 game, 1 business book, 1 history book, 1 book light, 1 lap desk
- $2 off any or all: 1 sports book, 1 humor book, 1 fiction book, 1 kid's book, 1 water bottle, 1 mag
- FREE small beverage with the purchase of any pastry

I am SUPER excited about this coupon! Aren't you?!

UPDATE: I fixed to the coupon amount for the sports book, etc. It should have said $2, not $5. Wishful thinking on my part, eh?

Here's some advice from my experience: Cut the coupons apart. Divide your items up and give each coupon for the which they are to be used. I did not get the $5 discount for the history book nor the $2 for the magazine, so I will have to go back and get that fixed. On a good note, I did get $2 off both kids' books I bought, even though the coupon says 1.



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