Friday, June 26, 2009

The Coupon Clippers

This is a post from a few months ago. I came across it this morning, and I thought it would be a great idea to pull it back to the front.

When I first started couponing, I came across several mentions of ordering coupons online. I thought this practice was ridiculous! After all, if you're saving money, why are you paying for someone else to cut your coupons? I never even looked at the coupon clipping services until a few weeks ago when I clicked on an ad for The Coupon Clippers. I am totally eating my words because I LOVE being able to order coupons from The Coupon Clippers! Here's why:

1) For some reason, MS does not get many of the high dollar coupons that other regions receive. We have also not received the P&G insert since the middle of December. The Coupon Clippers gives me a way to obtain the coupons that I'm missing.

2) Sometimes deals are just so good that you have to do them more than one. Buying 10 whole papers for just one coupon is wasteful, but at The Coupon Clippers, I can buy 10 of the only coupon I want. For example, this week I bought 10 coupons for Reynolds aluminum foil to use at Wags. I ended up getting $0.11 overage on each box, making my net profit 10 boxes of foil (which I will definitely use) and $1.10.

3) The prices are not as much as I'd expected. Keep in mind that you are NOT paying for the coupon; you are only paying for the labor involved in gathering, cutting, and shipping the coupons. The Reynold's coupons I mentioned above cost me $1.50 total. Since I made $1.10 with them, I ended up spending only $0.40 for 10 boxes of foil!

4) I love to support mom-owned businesses! The Coupon Clippers is owned by Rachael, who is a Christian home-schooling mom of four. I love reading her "about us" page and her emails because they are so down-to-earth and personable.

5) The Coupon Clippers has a link to coupons for gluten-free products. No one in my family needs gluten-free products, but I appreciate the fact that she makes finding coupons for those products easy.

You may wonder how I know what coupons to order ahead of time? I always check out the ad previews at AFC or HCW before ordering coupons. Sometimes I don't order the coupons until the week I need them, but I always order at the beginning of the week since it takes 2 days for them to get here.

If you not convinced, look around the site and see what you think. Even better - place an order and see how you feel about all the money you save even after paying someone else to cut the coupons!



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