Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mabel's Labels Giveaway

From Dates to Diapers is giving away a Mabel's Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo! Go here to enter!

Btw, I have Mabel's sticky labels and clothing labels for my daughter, and they are great!

Design Problems

I was all set to make tons of changes to the blog this week, but it's not working out as hoped. My hubby made a great header, but it's not working. I know this is really plain now, but the content is the same! Thanks for bearing with me while I figure the design part out!

Codes and Coupons

Last week, several bloggers shared that the code BR41925 would take off mega money on your order. The mailer I received had me assuming that it was $5 off your entire order, but apparently it's $5 off each item! Buying items less than $5 makes the items free! Have the items shipped to the store for free shipping! Reports are that you have to pay something for the order to go through, so pick up something for $5.99. I didn't report it earlier because there so much skeptism, but I have now received confirmation that an order I placed and one that Corey placed (using Firefox) have shipped.


There's a Wags $5/20 for tomorrow only, but remember your total has to be $20 AFTER coupons. These coupons are still a great deal if you use them to buy rebate items.

Huge Ebooks Sale! Today ONLY!

Money Saving Mom is having a summer blowout sale on her ebooks and audio workshops. For only $5.97, you can get over $100 worth of material. Books that I'm most excited to read are Simple Tips for Successful Home Management, Simply Centsible Suppers and Menu Planning Made Easy. You can find Freebies4Mom's review of Supermarket Savings 101 here. Tomorrow, the price will increase to $8.97

(I did buy the package, but I have not had a chance to look at it.)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Excellent Trip to Kroger!

I stopped at Kroger tonight to do some last minute deals before the new ad starts. Here's the rundown (complete with pics, of course!):

Horizon Organic milks in three flavors = $1 x 40 = $40

Coupons - $1/2 x 20 = $20

Total after Coupons = $20 ($0.50 per milk - the same price as school milk!)

Venus razor - $8.99

Lash Blast - $5.99

Eye Enhancer - $4.21

Dr. Pepper - $1.50 x 2 = $3.00

Total = $22.19

- $3/1 Venus esaver

-$2/1 Venus man q (P&G July insert)

- $4.21 Buy Lash Blast, get Eye Enhancer free (P&G July insert)

- .55/1 x 2 Dr. Pepper man q on product

- .55/1 x 2 man q doubles

Total after Coupons = $10.78

Mega Sale - Buy 10 participating items, get $5 off order (7/23 - 8/05)

Lysol products - $2.00 x 4 = $8.00

Skintimate - $2.00 x 4 = $8.00

WW ice cream - $2.00

Warm Delights - $2.00

Total = $20

- .50/1 x 4 - Lysol products man q (previous inserts)

- .50/1 x 4 - Lysol man q's doubled

- .55/1 x 2 -Skintimate (IP From Clean Home Journal)

- .55/1 x 2 -Skintimate IP doubled

- .55/1 - WW ice cream (WW member booklet)

- .55/1 - WW man q's doubled

- .55/1 -Warm Delights (IP)

- .55/1 -Warm Delights IP doubled

- $5 off order

Total after Coupons = $6.60

Giveaway Alert!

A Touch of Whimsy is giving away 30 personalized notecards and 18 gift tag stickers. Her designs are so cute and fun! Check it out and enter!

Tuesday's Tip

Buying something online? ALWAYS look for a code before you checkout! The Internet is full of free shipping and % off codes! is an awesome site that has tons of codes, as well as feedback from the people who have used them. I have had success with every code I've found there.

My Awesome Deals, MyPoints, & a Freebie

Thanks to Money Saving Mom, I was able to buy Breaking Dawn from Amazon for less than $2! I actually used a gift certificate from Christmas to pay the $2, so I really got it for free. (Sorry, the promo expired less than an hour after I found out about it!)

From Office Depot, I bought Microsoft Office Home and Student for $99 and 2 Sharpies for$0.99, and I received 2 certificates for a free pizza from Papa John's and 1000 MyPoints to put toward giftcards!


What is MyPoints you ask? As a member of MyPoints, you earn points by reading very short emails and by shopping through the MyPoints website. You can then turn the points into giftcards for tons of different stores and restaurants. I have only been a member for less than a month, and I have enough points for a $25 gc to many places! Interested? Email me and I'll help you get started! (I get 250 points for every person who successfully signs up!)


Freebie: Shick Quattrp Titanium Trimmer - Vote, then click the "Sure Man" button for the order form. (Thanks to Centsible Savings!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Important Announcement!

Changes are coming to the blog! By the end of the week, it will have a new name, a new look, and a new address! I'm really excited, and I can't wait for you to see the awesome header that my hubby made for me! Be on the look out for the big day!

My Best Deal - 7/27


B1G1 Free Band-Aids - 2 for $2.99

$2.99 - $1/1 (Wags coupon from Activity Book) x 2 = $0.99

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Free Box of Cheerios + Coupons

I got my email reminder about the Cheerio's Challenge this morning. Sign up and get a free box of Cheerios and $6 in coupons!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Walgreens Diapers - 7/26 Report

12 jumbo Walgreens diapers (one is missing from the picture) = $21.88 - $15 RR gained = $6.88
My first transaction was done without "double-dipping" on the July and August ES coupons, but the others were done with "double-dipping."
I also "double-dipped" with Off! towelettes and lamp refills.

Current Deals and Deals Starting Sunday, 7/27

I apologize for not having a Tuesday's Tip this week! I had some family stuff going on, and I had to go out of town suddenly.



Ten Item Mega Event - Buy 10, get $5 off - list of participating products is huge! Go here to check out your ad for the participating products. Limit is three -$5 a transactions.


Children's Place - Monster Sale - 15% off all orders with code FA78

A Touch of Whimsy Designs - 10% off for new customers with code Welcome10 (expires 8/15)

Starting Sunday, 7/27:

*According to the Taylortown Preview, there should be a Smart Source and a Red Plum insert in Sunday's paper.


Buy both Garnier Eye Roller ($12.99)and Maybelline Define-a-Lash ($5.99), get $10 back (limit 2) ($2/1 Eye Roller tear pad)

Buy $10 of select candy, get $5 ECBs (limit 5)

Buy $15 of Neutragena Acne or Wave, get $5 ECBs (limit 1)

Buy $20 of select Johnson and Johnson products, get $10 ECBs (Printables)

Buy $10 of Vaseline Men's, get $5 ECBs (limit 3)

BandAid, 6-80 ct, $2,99, $2

Kodak DVD $9.99 - Get $9.99 ECBs (limit 3)

Aleve, 100 ct - $8.99 - Get $4 ECBs (limit 1) (Printables)

Revlon Limited Edition - $9.99 get $9.99 ECB (limit 1)

Buy Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew or Ultra-Lift Facial Product, get FREE GN Nutri-Pure Cleanser, Scrub or Towelettes

Dasani Water, 24 pack - $3.99


School/Office Supplies - Buy 1, Get 2 Free
Sharpies, 2 pack black ink
1 subject notebook
Composition book
4 pack pens
stretchable book covers
packing tape
vinyl binder
filler paper
poly portfolio
scotch paper bubble mailers
paper mate mirado pencils
crayons, markers, or pencils
punch or glue sticks

Free after Rebate (August ES)
Jane Be Pure Mineral makeup - $4.99
vacuum storage bags $5.99 & $6.99
pitcher filter replacement cartridge - $6.99
soft white light bulb - $1.99

Register Rewards
Pringles - Buy $10/10, get 3 RR

Spend $10, get $3; Spend $20, get $7
- Old Spice, Gillette, Secret Platinum Deodorant, Body Spray - 3/$10
- Aussie or Herbal Essence - 3/$10
- Pantene or Infusion - 2/$12
- Olay or Zest Body Wash - 3/$10
- Zest - 2$4
- Gillette Disposable Razors - $5.99

Monday, July 21, 2008

Small Blog Round-up and Ebay Coupons

Blog Round-up

Baby Cheapskate is hosting Cloth Diapering Week. She will be giving away 12 BumGenius! diapers to one winner!!! Enter here: Giveaway.

Freebies4Mom shares more freebies - Glad Forceflex, Tide Total Care, GeoTrax DVD, and a new Planet Heroes DVD.

A FIRST for Me!

I just had a first in my coupon experience: buying coupons off of ebay! For $2.65, I got 25 coupons for $1/2 Horizon Organic products. The individual milks are $1/1 at Kroger right now, so the coupon will make each milk .50! My son pays .50 for non-organic, not-as-tasty milk!

I was very pleased with this ebay experience, but PLEASE be careful if you decide to try it. Some people try to sell Target coupons from that you can print for free and as many time as you like at AFC. Others will sell other Internet printables without stating that they are printables.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

In the Spotlight: CVS

Click here for an explantion of CVS:

In the Spotlight: CVS

You can also access it on the sidebar under "Store Information".

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Walgreens - The Great Diaper Deal

"The" Diaper Deal is back - $5.99 a pack x 3 - $5/2 ES coupon = CHEAP diapers + 5 RR

I have not done this deal, so I can only report to you what others have experienced. This is the deal that I have worked out based on what others have said:

Buy 3 packages of diapers (everyone recommends getting the premium) at $5.99 each for a total of $17.97.

ES coupon will actually take off $2.50 for each diaper, making the total $10.47.

Receive 5 RR to use on your next purchase. (You can not use it toward more diapers.)

So, you will end up with 3 packages of diapers for $5.47!

There is a pharmacy coupon that people have used toward this deal; however, the coupon states that it is off the regular price of diapers, so I am not including it in this scenerio.

This deal gets EVEN better on Thursday and Friday (if there are diapers left!) because you will be able to "double dip" Easy Saver coupons! That means that you can use the $5/2 ES coupon from July and August together! Some stores may not want to do it, but Corp. has said it is allowed.

Your deal would look like this: $17.97 - $15.00 (2.50 x 3 x 2) = $2.97 + 5 RR!!

A little bit more info:

-Only buy 3 packs at a time. You will not receive two RRs in the same purchase if you buy more than 3.

-Walgreens diapers run a bit smaller than others, so others have recommended getting a size bigger than what you normally buy.

-If your store won't have the August ES out on the 25th, you can print the coupon out from their ES page. (*link is fixed!)

Let me know how this deal works for you!

Source: AFC

Great Deals starting 7/20


B1G1 Free
Trident Extracare (B1G1 Free coupon in 7/20 insert + get $1 ECB for 2 [July monthy deal] = $1 overage!)
All detergent ($1 Printable)
Revlon - lip, eye, and nail (previous inserts)
L'oreal Hip Costmetics - lip, eye, and face
Maybelline Great Lash ($1 Printable)
Almay - all cosmetics
Colgate ($1.50 Printable, previous inserts and All You)
L'oreal Vive Shampoo/Conditioner (B1G1 Free coupon in 7/13 insert)

Buy $10 PHYSICIANS Formula Orgainic cosmetics, get $5 ECBs (limit 1)
Buy $10 Veet Hair Removal, get $5 ECBs ($2 Printable) (limit 1)
Buy $15 Clean and Clear, get $5 ECBs ($5/1 an $3/2 Printables) (limit 5)
Buy $15 CVS brand baby products, get $5 (limit 1)


Pantene Pro-V - 2/$4 (2 $2/1 Beautiful Lengths [P&G July insert] + 4/2 ES Rebate = Free!)
Dawn -$0 .99
Dixie dinnerware - B1G1 Free - 2/$3.79 ($3/2 catalina is reported as still printing when you buy two Dixie dinnerware products.)
Reynold's foil - $0.89
Walgreens diapers - $5.99 - Buy 3, get $5 Register Rewards ($5/2 EasySaver coupon)**

**I'll have more about this diaper deal later today.

School Supplies
Crayola Washable Markers - $2 - Free after Mail-in Rebate
Pilot G2 Gel Ink Pens - $1, Free after Mail-in Rebate
Notebook paper -$0 .29
2 pocket folder - $0.05
5 pack PaperMate Mechanical Pencils -$0.05
Mini composition books - $0.05
Highlighters - $0.05
Crayola Color Pencils - $0.99
Ruler - $0.19
Pencils - $0.19
Book Cover - B1G1 Free
Bic Highlighter pack - $0.39 ($1/2 Printable)

Sources: A Full Cup and Hot Coupon World

Friday, July 18, 2008

.99 Shipping at!

Look for an icon that reads "this item qualifies for .99 shipping" and use the code 99CENTS when you check out!

Thanks to Jenn to giving me the heads-up!

Garnier Rebate at Rite-Aid

The Garnier eye roller did not count for both Rite Aid rebates. I changed my totals in the shopping report to reflect that.


I'm in the process of coming up with new "attractions" for the blog. Here are some things I'm working on:

- spotlights on the stores to help you better understand how to work the deals

- deals for new stores

- a new blog for education resources

- reports on school supply deals

Don't forgot to vote in the poll on the right so I know what you want to see!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Coupons and Codes

Great Printables

Toy'R'Us coupon - $5/$25 - good Fri. and Sat. only

Johnson & Johnson Buddies - $2/2 (Buddies are .94-.99, so this q makes them free!)

Johnson & Johnson No More Tangles or Buddies - $2/2

Just Bunches Cereal - $2/1 (Cereal will be almost free. Q will print as soon as you click the link.)

Organic Valley Products - various amounts and products

Butterball - various amounts and products

Chex Mix - $1/1

Other Coupons - new coupons available (See this post about them.)

Great Codes for Online Shopping

Children's Place - c28m8kndo78 or FA78 - 15% off purchase
(Use one in conjunction with the Monster Sale for awesome prices!)

Borders - BC4777 - 40% off one item

L.L. Bean - 7479770 - Free shipping

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Shopping Report - Updated! 7/18

Rite Aid

Neutra Air - 2 x 2.99 = 5.98
Garnier Towelettes w/ bonus lotion - 4.86
Garnier Eye Roller - 9.99
Crest Whitening Expressions - 2.49

Total = $23.32

- 2.99 B1G1 Free Neutra Air (Rite Aid Sale)
-2.99 B1G1 Free Neutra Air (Sunday's insert)
-2/1 Garnier Eye Roller
-.50/1 Crest (P & G July insert)

Total after Coupons = $14.84

- 5/1 Garnier eye roller SCR*
- 2.49 Crest SCR

Total after SCR = $7.35

*My eye roller was NOT accepted for the 5/2 Garnier rebate.


Osteo Bi-Flex - 2 x 30.39 = 60.78
Pampers Clean 'n' Go - 3 x 2.79 = 8.37

Total = 69.15

- 30.39 (B1G1 in-store sale on Osteo Bi-Flex)
- 5/1 Osteo Bi-Flex (previous insert)
-5/1 Osteo Bi-Flex (previous insert)
- .50/1 Pampers wipes (P & G July insert) (doubled!)
- .50/1 Pampers wipes (P & G July insert) (doubled!)
- 1/1 Pampers product (catalina)
- 3 (in store promotion - buy 3 select P&G products, get $3 off your order)

Total after Coupons = 22.76

A break down the Pampers wipes deal: After coupons and $3 promotion, I paid $2.37 for 3 packages.

(Oh, and yes, I have the knees of a 60 year-old woman! I have high hopes for the Osteo-Bi Flex!)


Huggies wipes, 232 count - 2 x 5 = 10.oo
Colgate Advanced, 4.2 w/ 2 bonus travel sizes - 2 x 2.23(clearanced) = 4.46

Total = 14.46

- 2/1 Huggies wipes Target q**
- 2/1 Huggies wipes Target q**
- .50/1 Huggies wipes man q (Huggies mailer)
- .50/1 Huggies wipes man q (Huggies mailer)
-1/1 Colgate Advanced Target q
-1/1 Colgate Adavanced Target q
-1.50/1 Colgate Advanced (mailer insert)
-1.50/1 Colgate Advanced (All You mag)

Total after Coupons = 4.46

Breakdown: I was paid .54 to take the two Colgates (and 4 travel sizes!) out of the store. For two packages of wipes, I only paid the cost of one.

**The Huggies wipes Target q's should have been for 1/1, but all the Target baby q's are ringing up incorrectly. I warned the cashier when I handed them over. She saw that it rang up for 2/1 instead of 1/1 and kept going. I didn't argue!


Vive Hydra Gloss - 2 x 4.99 = 9.98
Kotex Tampons, 18 count - 2 x 3.00 = 6.oo

Total = 15.98

- 4.99 B1G1 Vive Hydra Gloss (Walgreens Sale)
- 4.99 B1G1 Vive Hydra Gloss (7/13 insert)
- 1/1 Kotex (All You mag)
- 1/1 Kotex (IP)

Total after Coupons = $4, plus $2 RR


Skintimate - 1 x 2.50
Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara - 2 x 5.99 = 11.98

Total = 14.48

- 1/1 CRT
- .55/1 Skintimate (previous insert)
- 1/1 Neutrogena makeup (IP)
-1/1 Neutragena makeup (IP)
-10.00 ECBs

Total after Coupons = .90
ECBS Gained = 8

Misc.: Blog Round-ups, Samples, Freebies, & FYI

Money-saving Posts from other Blogs

Walmart Deals - Money Saving Mom and The "Cent"sible Sawyer (Thanks, Heather!)

Be an Empowered Comsumer by Heather at Freebies4Mom

Saving Money by Using Less by The Shopping Queen


I have received two of the Walmart samples I mentioned here. The Huggies Pull-ups sample come with two Pull-ups, one Cars print and one Princess print, and a sample of both Huggies Cleanteam bath wash and shampoo. The Old Spice Body Wash is 1.7 oz and comes with a coupon for $1/1 off a 12 oz bottle.

I just signed up for the Tampax Pearl, Playtex Sport , and Biore samples from Walmart. (Thanks, Heather!)


Free box of Cheerios

Free Swimming Diapers at Target (I can't wait to see if this happens at my Target!)


I just received an order from Snapfish, and I am not impressed with the quality of the prints. I only paid $3 for 60 prints, so I'm not too upset, but I don't think I will be buying anything else from them.

3/15 CVS Coupon - Good through 7/20

I TOTALLY forgot about this coupon when I went shopping Monday! It would have kept me from paying out of pocket and losing two ECBs. Oh, well, you make mistakes and you learn from them! (Lesson learned: Print out the coupon as soon as you see it, no matter what else you are doing!)

This coupon is from an online edition of The Valley Breeze from Rhode Island. Because you are printing it directly from the source, you will not be using an "unauthorized internet posting or reproduction."

To get the coupon, click here. Put "CVS" in the bar under "Search the Week's Ads." The ad will give you the option of opening a .pdf or a .png.

Happy shopping!!

Tuesday's Tip - A Day Late (depending on your time zone)

A lot of printable coupons are "bricks". Bricks can usually be printed twice, even if the site says you can only print one. After you print one coupon, hit the back button and refresh. Viola! Another prints! Sometimes you have to go back to the orginal page and request to print again, but I've only had to do that once or twice.

If you have access to another computer, then you will be able to print off two more! I have asked my mom, my bff, and my sil to print coupons, and I've printed some at my grandparents' too. So, don't be afraid to use your resources!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday's Tips - B1G1 Free Items

Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid have B1G1 sales often, but are you making the most of them? Here are two tidbits that I learned when I started couponing:

Tip 1
Most stores will let you use a coupon for each product involved in a B1G1 Free deal.
For example:
Mascara is B1G1 at CVS. If I had two $1/1 mascara q's, I could use both q's - one for each product.
Mascara - $6.00
Mascara - Free (B1G1)
-$1/1 x 2
Total - $4 for two mascaras!

Tip 2
Most stores will also allow you to use a B1G1 Free q on B1G1 free items.
Fore example:
Last week, Lifesavers were B1G1 at CVS. I used a B1G1 free q, and it took off the amount of one bag, leaving me to pay $0 for both bags!

I have gotten tons of Jane makeup for CHEAP during B1G1 free sales at Walgreens. I never would have used two q's if I hadn't been told by experienced couponers that I could, so I definitely wanted to pass the info along to you!

(Btw, this is the first in a series of Tuesday's Tips. Every Tuesday I'm going to post a couponing tip to help you in your quest to save money. Feel free to contact me and let me know topics you want me to address!)

Until Sunday

I'm going to be computer-less for a few days, so here's a quick run-down of things to look for until I can get back to you on Sunday:

Freebies4Mom has a post about prints from Snapfish for .1 each. Click here for more details and info about other freebies. Hurry! The deal ends July 10.

Kroger has a Buy 3, Save $3 deal on P & G products. Check out this post on Hot Coupon World to see the participating products. They are in bold. The deal is limitless!

Starting Sunday, Rite Aid has SCR deals on Crest Whitening Expressions; Dial, Coast, and Tone bar soap; Almay make-up mascara and remover; and Electrosal. Be finding those coupons! Also lots of B1G1 Frees, but I haven't had time to look at them. Check out this post at HCW for more info.

Walgreens has some good deals on school supplies starting Sunday.

**Help me and others out by posting your shopping reports and the deals you see in the comments section of this post!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Diaper Deals - 7/6

Target - Huggies and Pampers Jumbos - $8.49 (the lowest price before q and/or rebate)

Rite Aid - Pampers Jumbos - $9.99 w/ a $2 SCR = $7.99 (limit 1)

CVS - Pampers Jumbos - $8.99 - Get a free 24 bottled water w/ $20 purchase of selected P&G products

Walgreens - Pampers Jumbos - $9.49

Kroger - Huggies Jumbos - $9.49

Various Coupons Available*

Target Baby Coupons Mailer - $2/1 Huggies Jumbo and $1.25/1 Pampers Jumbos (good only at Target and can be used only once)

Target IP - $5 or $3 off Pampers diapers and 180 ct wipes; Free $5 gift card for purchase of Pampers diapers and 180 ct wipes (These IPs can not be used together.)

P&G Insert - $1/1 Pampers Jumbos

Pampers Mailer - $1.50/1 Pampers Jumbos

Pampers Catalina at Target - $3/1 Pampers Jumbos

*These are coupons that I have seen with my own eyes. Huggies usually has $1.50/1 or $1/1 in their mailers, but I haven't gotten a mailer in a while.

**In case you haven't heard, Huggies diapers are going up 6-8% in the next month or two, and P&G could also raise prices. So, now would be a great time to stock on diapers!**

Rite Aid's Awesome Deals for 7/6 - 7/ 12

After a fairly long dry spell, Rite Aid finally has some great deals! Here's a Google document that shows the prices, SCRs, coupons, and final price of some of the best deals. I used only the coupons that came out today, so you might have even better deals if you have q's from other sources.

Rite Aid Chart

(Btw, I am still learning how to use Google Documents, so the chart is pretty rough! Sorry!)

Here's what I did today:

Crest Pro-Health toothpaste - $2.49
Crest Pro-Health rinse - $5.99
Venus Embrace - $7.99
Herbal Essence Shampoo - $2.50
Herbal Essence Conditioner - $2.50
Infusium Leave-in Conditioner - $4.99
Huggies wipes, 60 ct tub w/ bonus tub - $3.49
GE Energy Smart bulbs - 2/$5.48

Total = $35.43

Coupons Used
- $3/1 Pro-Health toothpaste and 1 Pro-Health Rinse (mailer)
- $3/1 Venus (man q from Venus disposables)
- $3/2 Herbal Essences (7/6 P&G insert)
- $3/1 Infusium (7/6 P&G insert)

Total after Coupons = $23.43

Single Check Rebates
- $1.74/1 Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste
- $3.25/1 Crest Pro-Health Rinse
- $5/1 Venus Embrace
- $2/2 Herbal Essence
- $1.99/1 Infusium
- $1.50/2 GE Energy Smart bulbs

Total after Coupons and SCR = $7.95

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Check out these Deals!

Kroger (through 7/8)

Daytona Deal
Buy 10 participating products and get $3 off your total. Products have tags that identify them as participating products.
Several 10 for $10 are part of the deal:
Totino's Pizzas
Totiono's Pizza Rolls - coupon, another coupon
Chef Boyardee
Banquet Brown 'n' Serve Sausages and Entrees

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks are also a part of the deal, and there is an IP for .80/2 here.

Free Sara Lee Buns
Purchase 2 Bryan Juicy Jumbos or Ballpark Franks, and get a free package of Sara Lee buns. This is an AWESOME deal if you have the $2/2 Bryan products from a previous insert and the $1/1 Sara Lee buns.

Various Deals
French's Mustard, Lawrey's Marinade, Vlasic Relish, Cattlemen's BBQ Sauce, Frank's Red Hot and Kroger's buns are 10 for $10. Kraft BBQ Sauce is $2/3. Coupons links are here.

CVS (7/6-7/12)

ECBS Deals
Buy $20 of Olay, get $10 ECBs. (limit 1)
Buy $10 of Febreeze, get $5 ECBs. (limit 1)
Buy $15 of Rimmel, get $5 ECB (limit 1)

Playtex Gentle Glide - $4.99, get $3 ECB (limit 1)
Dawn - $2/2, get $1 ECB (limit 5)
Pringles - $2/2, get $1 ECB. (limit ?)

Pampers Jumbos - $8.99
Huggies & Pampers Wipes (120-160 ct) - $4.99
Olay Products - $3.99 - $24.99

**Coupons for a lot of these products can be found in previous inserts.

Target (7/6-7/12)

Buy selected Cherokee shorts ($5.99 - $6.99) and tops ($5.99) for infants and toddlers, get $5 gift card.

All, 96 load - $10 (Awesome if you have a clipless q and an IP!)
Huggies and Pampers Jumbos - $8.49
Bic products - 2/$4 - ($1/2 IP)
Various pet products - 20% off

Friday, July 4, 2008


Here's a list of free samples that I found yesterday. I signed up for all of them!

Gilette 2-in-1 Body Wash or Shampoo

Various Samples from Walmart - Huggies, Nivea for Men, Playtex, Pantene, & More (Be sure to look under "More Samples" on the right side of the screen!)

Ziploc Sandwich Bags

Playtex Drop-ins Bottle

Pull-ups Potty Training Video

Thanks to Freebies4Mom for pointing me to Momadvice for these freebies:

Various Samples from Kroger - Warm Delights, Pull-Ups Potty Training Video, and Nicoderm

Sesame Street June/July Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazine (4 issues)


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