Monday, June 30, 2008

Shopping Report - 6/28 & 6/29


Dr Pepper, 2 liter - 4 x .89 = 3.56
Dixie Ultra plates, 22 ct - 2 x 3.79 = 7.58
Zooth toothbrush - 2 x 2.99 = 5.98
Zooth toothbrush - 2 x 2.19 = 4.38
3-ring pool = 1 x 3.74 (clearanced at 75%)
Royal Lounge float = 1 x 2.49 (clearanced at 75%)

Total = 27.73

Coupons Used
- 1/2 Dr. Pepper, 2 liter IP
- 1/2 Dr. Pepper, 2 liter IP
- 3/2 Dixie Ultra Catalina
- 3.79 - BOGOF Dixie plates 7-day q
- 2.99 - BOGOF Zooth toothbrush (P & G June insert)
- 2.99 - BOGOF Zooth toothbrush (P & G June insert)
- 4/4 - Zooth Walgreens q from Activity book (q says $1, but takes off $1 for each bought!)

Total after Coupons = 10.64 (including tax)
Earned $5 rebate for 3-ring pool (June ES)
(My total savings, including all Wags markdowns and all coupons, was $41.52!!)


Transaction #1 (Corey's card)

Zantac 150, 8 count - 2 x 4.99 = 9.98
Coppertone Baby Sunscreen Stick - 2 x 4.79 = 9.58
Right Guard Professional Deodorant = 1 x 6.99
Clorox Ultimate Care Bleach 1 x 1.27 (clearanced)
Lifesavers 2 x 2.19 = 2.19 (BOGOF sale)
Toothbrush covers - 1 x 2.19

Total = 32.20

Coupons Used
- 5/30 CVS email
- 5/1 Zantac IP
- 5/1 Zantac IP
- 2.19 BOGO Lifesavers (previous insert)
- 1/1 Right Guard (All You July issue)
- 2 ECB
- 6 ECB

OOP = 7.70
Earned = 15 ECBs (10 for 2 Coppertone products, 5 for Right Guard)
(Basically, I ended up out .70.)

Transaction #2 (my card)

Garnier Nutritioniste Anti-puff Eye Roller - 1 x 12.99
Hawaiian Tropic Faces Sunblock - 1 x 7.99
Total = 20.98

Coupons Used
- 4/20 Face Skincare CRT
- 2/1 Hawaiian Tropic CRT
- 2/1 Garnier Nutritioniste Anti-puff Eye Roller (tearpad)
- 2 ECB
- 6 ECB

OOP = 5.47
Earned = 5 ECB (GN Eye Roller)
(Yes, I did pay 8.47 in this transaction. I really wanted the Eye Roller!)

(a sampling)

Frank's Red Hot - 3 x 1.00 = 3.00
Lawry's Marinade - 1 x 1.00
French's Mustard - 2 x 1.00 = 2.00
Cattlemen's BBQ Sauce - 2 x 1.00 = 2.00
Kraft BBQ Sauce - 3 for 2.00 (.67 each)
French's Worcesterhire Sauce - 4 x 1.00 = 4.00
Totino's Pizza Rolls - 2 x 1.00 (not pictured) = 2.00
Herbal Essence Shampoo - 1 x 3.45
Herbal Essence Conditioner - 1 x 3.45

Total on Items w/o Coupons = 27.95

Coupons Used
- .50/1 Frank's Red Hot x 3
- .50/1 French's Mustard x 2
- .50/1 Lawry's Marinade x 1
- .50/1 French's Worcesterhire Sauce x 2
- .35/1 French's Worcesterhire Sauce x 2
- .55/1 Totino's Pizza Rolls x 2
- .75/1 Cattlemen's BBQ Sauce x 2
- 1/3 Kraft BBQ Sauce x 1
- 3.45 Herbal Essence (BOGOF P&G Esaver q loaded on card)

Total on Items after Coupons (including Bonus Doubling) = $5.00
Earned = 2 Catalinas for $2 off my next purchase Kroger (purchasing 2 Worcestershire Sauces at once)
(So, I am really only out $1 for 19 items!)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good Deals at CVS - Week of 6/29

Lifesavers, .6-.7 oz - BOGO Free
(BOGO Free q from previous insert)

Right Guard Professional Deodorant - pay $6.99, get $5 ecb (limit 1)
(-1/1 from July All You mag)

Swiffer Kits/Refills - Buy $10, get $5 ecb (limit 1)
(-1/1 swiffer sweeper starter kit or 1/2 refills from P & G mailer)
(-1/1 swiffer duster starter kit or refill from P & G mailer)

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Mascara - pay $7.99, get $7.99 ecb (limit 1)

Garnier Nutrition Skin Renew Anti- puff Eye Roller - pay $12.99, get $5 ecb (limit 2)
(-2/1 from tearpad)

Crest Baking Soda and Peroxide, Cavity or Tartar (6.4 oz) - pay $1.99, get $1 ecb (limit 1)

Coppertone Suncare Lotion 8oz, Sport Spray 7oz, Face 2.5-4oz - buy 2, get $10 ecb (limit 1)

Worth the Money

CARA, the local "no-kill" animal shelter, is in desperate need of funds. They operate totally from donations, and they have recently been in the news because of the possibility of having to close down from lack of funds. That means that over 400 animals would be in need of home, and those not adopted would be put down.

There are many ways that YOU can help!

1) Make a donation directly to them.
-Send a check to 960 Flag Chapel Rd., Jackson, MS 39209, or call (601) 922-7575 or (601) 946-7956.

2) Search the Internet using GoodSearch. CARA will receive 50% revenue generated by searches through GoodSearch done in their name.
- Type "Community Animal Research and Adoption" under "Who do you GoodSearch for?"
- Double check that it says ""Community Animal Research and Adoption - CARA (Jackson, MS)" - Be sure to read the FAQs so you can make the most of your searching!

3) Buy magazine subscriptions here. (I recommend getting the 2-year subscription to All You magazine. The price equals to .84 an issue, and you will save tons with the coupons in each magazine!)

4) Play bingo at Northview Bingo.

5) Shop using iGive.

You can also sponsor specific pets for $15 a month or provide items from their wish list.

Whenever you decide that the time is right to add a pet to your family, please consider adopting one from an animal shelter. Our wonderful Phineas came from the Serenity Animal Rescue in Cleveland, MS. He was one of nine puppies that Serenity rescued from being put down at the Cleveland Animal Shelter because the shelter did not have room for them. I found him through Petfinder. Even though he is totally not what we were looking for, the series of events that caused us to get him made it obvious to us that HE was meant just for US. Of course, I would love for you to donate to Serenity too. They are also in desperate need for donations as they are a new organization!

FREE Diapers at Walgreens - Week of 6/29????

I've read several reports about how to get free diapers at Walgreens starting tomorrow. Angie at BC has the best explanation. (Scroll down to Rumors: Free Diapers at Walgreens Next Week?)

I have never tried Walgreens diapers, but I've heard that people like them. At any rate, they would be good back-ups to keep in the car or at the grandparents. Even better, donate them!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Walgreens, 6/27

Transaction #1
Dr Pepper, 2 liter - 4 x .89 = 3.56
Dixie plates, 45 ct - 2 x 3.79 = 7.58
Hawaiian Tropic Lime Coolada Lotion - 2 x 6.99 = 13.98
Airwick Freshmatic Ultra - 2 x 5.99 = 11.98
Walgreens Activity Book - 1 x. 99 (*Has great baby/kid q's!)
Walgreens Antibacterial Spray - 1 x .99
Baby pool - 1 x 3.33 (clearanced at 75%)
Kickboards, 2 set - 1 x 1.25 (clearanced at 75%)

Total = 43.66

Coupons Used
- $3.79 - BOGO Free Dixie plates 7-day Q
- 2/1 Hawaiian Tropical suncare product ES
- 1/2 Dr. Pepper IP
- 1/2 Dr. Pepper IP
- 4/1 Airwick Freshmatic Ultra IP
- 4/1 Airwick Freshmatic Ultra IP
- 5/20 Walgreens Friday Only IP
- 2 Register Rewards from previous purchase


- $6.99 - BOGO Free Hawaiian Tropic

Total after Coupons = 15.83 (including tax)
Earned - $3/2 Dixie plates or bowls q

Plus! Each Airwick Freshmatic qualifies for a $3 rebate in the July Easysaver!

(*I actually should have gotten an additional $2 taken off for the 2nd Hawaiian Tropic product, but the q was being difficult and the register went crazy, so I didn't even catch the mistake.)

Transaction #2
Dixie Ultra plates, 22 ct - 2 x 3.79 = $7.58

- $3.79 - BOGO Free Dixie plates 7-day Q
- $3/2 Dixie plates or bowls q

Total Paid = $1.06 (including tax)
Earned - $3/2 Dixie plates or bowls q

Transaction #3
Dixie Ultra bowls, 18 ct - 2 x 3.79 = $7.58

- $3.79 - BOGO Free Dixie plates 7-day Q
- $3/2 Dixie plates or bowls q

Total Paid = $1.06 (including tax)
Earned - $3/2 Dixie plates or bowls q

The plates/bowls deals was SO much fun! Even the cashier got a kick out of it! My friend Tracy and I are going back to tomorrow to get more.

(Although I know my Going-Green friend Jen (see her blog here) will be disappointed in all the paper plates I plan to use! Corey, however, loves the paper plates because he washes the dishes!)

Walgreens - Friday, 6/27, and Saturday, 6/28, Only Deals!

Friday Only

$5/$20 Q - Your total must be $20 after all man and/or ES q's. Still a good deal if you are buying FAR products!

The Air Wick Ultra Freshmatic is on sale for $5.99. Use a $4/1 q from Home Solutions News to make it $1.99. You can then submit it for the $3 dollar July Easysaver Rebate! You can get the rebate for 4 products! (So be sure to print the $4/1 q twice...or more if you have access to more than one computer!)

June/July ES Double Dips

These products have q's in both Easysaver booklets. Corporate says that you can use a q from both booklets if they are valid on the same day. You can also use man or IP q's@

M&M’s bag candy 11 to 14 oz - June - $1/2, July - $1/2

OFF Personal or Outdoor Insect Repellent - June - $1/1, July - $1/1

Cutter Personal or Outdoor Insect Repellent - June - $1/1, July - $1/1

Maalox Liquid 12 oz, Chewtabs 35-90 pack or Jr. Chewtabs 24 pack - June - $2/1, July - $2/1

NutriPals 4 Pack 8oz. Bottle OR 6 pack Bars 1.4 oz - June - $1.50/1, July - $2/1

Kroger Deals - 6/25 - 7/1

Fifty Cents or Less after Coupon:

Lawry's Marinade - Use .50/1 q from previous insert

Suddenly Salad - Use .501 q from previous insert or .40/1 IP from

Chef Boyardee - Use .35/3 cans from previous inserts

Cattleman's BBQ Sauce - Use .75/1 on from insert or .75/1 IP from Home Solutions News

Frank's Red Hot, 5 oz - Use .50/1 from previous insert or .50/1 IP from Home Solutions News

Totino's Pizza Rolls - Use .55/1 IP from

French's Mustard - Use .30/1 from previous insert or .50/1 IP from Home Solutions News

Other Great Deals:

Kraft BBQ - 3/$2 - Use $1/3 q on bottles in store = 3/$1

Dr. Pepper/Pepsi/Mt. Dew/Sierra Mist 12 packs - Buy 4 for $11, get 1 free = $2.20 each

Huggies Jumbos - 9.49 - Use $1 or $1.50 man. q and/or $1 or $1.50 q for lower price

*Remember, you can usually print another IP by hitting the back button and then refresh after the first q prints!

Best CVS Deals - Week of 6/22

Bounty, Charmin, and Duracell - Buy $20 worth, get $10 Extra Care Bucks back.
You can work this deal the best way for you. You can use coupons and still get the $10 back as long as your original total was $20. You also don't have to buy the items in one purchase. The computer keeps up with how much you have toward each deal and puts it at the bottom of your receipt. You will just have to buy it all by midnight Saturday to get the ECBs. You can only do this deal 1 time per card.

Colgate Advanced - On sale for $2.99, get $2 ECBs. There are some $1.50 coupons out there. Check out special offers on the Colgate site, or pick up the July issue of All You magazine at Walmart. Using the $1.50 coupon will make the Colgate a moneymaker! You can do this deal 5 times per card.

These offers end Saturday!

Great Luvs Coupon

Baby Cheapskate reports that you can get a $5 coupon from Luvs. Just sign up here to get it! (I just did!) BC is also giving away a free jumbo pack of Luvs. Check out her blog to sign up.

Shopping Report - 6/23

Rite Aid

Friskies canned food - 12 for 6.00
OFF Power Pad Lamp - 1 x 7.99
Airwick Ultra Freshmatic - 1 x 5.99 (Sale price - Orginally 11.99)
Airwick Ultra Freshmatic Refill - 1 x 3.99 (Sale price - Orginially 5.99)
Airwick Mini Freshmatic Refill - 1 x 3.99 Sale price - Originally 4.99)
Crest ProHealth Night Toothpaste, 6 oz - 1 x 2.99 (Sale price - Orginally 3.99)

Total = 30.95

Coupons Used
- .75/1 Crest (previous insert)
- 1/1 Off Lamp (Rite Aid ad)
- 3/1 Off Lamp (Sunday's insert)
- 2/1 AirWick Ultra Freshmatic (box of previously bought Ultra Freshmatic)
- 2.40/12 Friskies Single Check Rebate
- 2.99/1 Crest ProHealth Night Single Check Rebate

Total after Coupons = $18.81

Target (Yes, again!)

Hefty One Zip Gallon Value Pack - 1 x 3.48 (clearanced!)
Lysol Neutra Air Freshmatic - 1 x 5.99
The Good Life Recipe Cat Food, 6 lbs - 1 x 8.49

Total = $17.96

Coupons Used
- 5/1 Lysol Freshmatic
- 2/1 6lb Good Life Recipe (Target IP)
- 2/1 Good Life Recipe (previous insert)

Total after Coupons = $8.96


Lo had a FIT for this particular doll. Not the one next to it that looked just like it...THIS one. We couldn't get her to pose, but I got a picture of her trying to get the hat back on.

Toby from Thomas the Tank Engine - 1 x 11.99
My first You & Me doll - 1 x 7.99

Total = 19.98

Coupon Used

FREE Thomas the Tank Engine (IP - It's no longer valid.)

Total after Coupons = 7.99 Coupon Code - Good through 6/30

Use code MCSHOESALE08 to get 15% off your order. It expires on June 30.

I just bought L these:

They were originally $29.99, and I got them for $25.49.

Free shipping, btw!

Kroger Coupons

*under construction*

If you shop at Kroger - which you should - you definitely need to check out these sites! You can load coupons onto you Kroger card, and the register automatically take the savings off! You can also use man. q's with them!


P & G Esaver


You will have to register your Kroger card with each site, and then you can load q's from each site. You can only load a certain amount, and once they are on your card, they are there until you use them or they expire. So, don't get click happy and load everything for the heck of it! You can also print a shopping list of your coupons so you know what you have on your card.

The P & G site offered B1G1 Free coupons. You can use 2 man coupons for these products. For example:
Buy 2 Oil of Olay Ribbons Body Washes
3.99 x 2 = 7.98
- $1/1
- $1/1
- 3.99 (B1G1 Free ESaver)
= 1.99

Shopping Report 6/22


Sauve Men 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner (value size) - 2 x 1.85 = 3.70
Sauve Kids 2 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner (value size) - 2 x 1.85 = 3.70
Kandoo 60 count wipes tub - 2 x 2.84 = 5.68
Fiber One bars - 2 x 2.34 = 4.68
3-pack Trident White - 1 x 1.50
Pampers Splashers 1 x 9.99

Total = 29.25

Coupons Used
- 2. 00 B1G1 Free Sauve x 2 (Each q rang up at as $2 instead of 1.85) (today's inserts)
- 2/2 Kandoo products man q (P&G June insert )
- 2/2 Kandoo products Target q (baby q mailer)
- .75/1 x 2 Fiber One Target q (IP)
- .50 3-pack Trident White Target q (clipless mailer)
- 1/1 3-pack Trident (previous insert)
- 1.50 Pampers Splashers Target q (insert in Parents; IP available)
- 1.50 Pampers Splashers man q (previous insert)

Total after Coupons = $15.25


OFF! Powerpad Refills - 3 x 3.49 = 10.49 ($3.49 is a GREAT price!)
Total Advanced, 4 oz - 3 x 2.99 = 8.97
Brut Deodorant - 1 x 3. 49
Palmolive - 1 x .88

Total = 23.83

Coupons Used

- 1/1 OFF Powerpad Refills x 3 (today's inserts)
- 1.50/1 Total Advanced x 3 (All You Magazine and IP)
- 1/1 Brut (All You Magazine)
- .25/1 Palmolive (previous insert)

Total after Coupons = 16.08

ECBs Earned = 9.00 (6 for Total, 3 for Brut)

So, I am technically out only 7.08, which I paid for using a $30 gift card I got for getting a perscription!

Btw, the Total and the Brut were moneymakers. Here's how:

Total x 3 = 8.97 - 4.50 in coupons = 4.47...but I earned 6 ECBS for a profit of $1.53

Brut x 1 = 3.39 - $1 coupon = 2.39...but I earned 3 ECBS for a profit of $.61


I don't have a picture for this one because the items are too heavy to carry around!

2-liter Diet Dr. Pepper - 4 x .89 = 3.56
12 pack Dasani water - 1 x 3.99 = 3.99

Total = 7.55

Coupons Used

1/2 2-liter Dr. Pepper products x 2 (IP for playing More to Explore game)

Total after Coupons = 5.55 (which means that basically I paid .39 for each 2-liter!)

Oh, and N took this picture so you'd be sure which products were his.

Don't you love how the Kandoos show the frog actually wiping his butt?! And he is obivously enjoying how nice and fruity (see the watermelon!) his butt is becoming as he wipes!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I decided I needed to separate my entries about current deals from my entries about my family. i have reposted everything related relating to shopping here. I added a subscribe button so you can know every time I update this blog!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In the Spotlight: Walgreens


Each month, Walgreens issues an EasySaver (ES) catalog that contains coupons and rebates good for that month. The ES dates sometime start in the pervious month, so be sure to check the date on the book.

The coupons in the ES do not need to be torn out in order to be used. Just show the coupon to the cashier from the book. You can use the coupons multiple times each month. Coupons may say "limit x item(s), " but the coupon will still take off $ for all items over that amount. For example, if you buy 5 pens at $1 and use an ES coupon for .50, .50 will be taken off for all 5 pens, even though the coupon says "limit 2 items."

Rebates are valid all month long. Some rebate items are put on sale through the month, making your out-of-pocket less. Each rebate has a different purchase limit. Rebates on qualifying purchases are redeemed in two ways: 1)filling out the form in the ES and sending in receipts or 2) completing an online form. You can only request one check, so wait until the end of the period to send in your form or request your check online. If you use the online service, you can put in your purchase information, and Walgreens will automatically send your request when the time period is up.


7 day q's - Each weekly ad contains coupons that can be used all week long to get special sale prices on items. The coupons do not need to be cut out, but the do need to be shown to the cashier for you to receive the sale price. Coupons usually have limits, but you can purchase the limit each visit to Walgreens during the sale period.

Special Walgreens q's - Occassionally, Walgreens will put out booklets with coupons in them. These coupons work in the same manner of ES coupons and will take off the $ amount on all qualifying items purchased.

$5/$20 q's - These coupons will only work if your total is $20 AFTER coupons. They are put out online a few times a month.

Man q's - Manufacturer's coupons can be used in conjunction with 7-day q's, ES q's, and other Walgreen's q's. They can also be used on rebate items. Because the q's are taken off at the end of the receipt, you will receive the rebate item's price before man coupon.

Register Rewards

Walgreens will sometimes issue Registrar Rewards for purchasing special items. These Rewards are printed from the Catalina machine. Policy on RR's have recently changed, and indivdual stores have varying policies regarding them. Some stores only allow one RR to be used toward a purchase, while others allow more than one. RR's should be given after all other coupons have been scanned.

Sample Scenerio

Toothbrush - $5.00, with a rebate of $4.00

- $1 ES q
- $1 man q

Total after Coupons = $3.00

Total after Coupons and Rebate = - $1.00 (You make a dollar!)

*Please let me know if you have any questions about Walgreens or if you have any information for me to add to this description!

In the Spotlight: CVS

CVS ExtraCare Card

To receive sale prices and promotions at CVS, you must use an ExtraCare card. You can sign up and receive a card in the store and then register your card online by creating an account at By registering your card, you can receive email promotions and coupons and track your spending and ECBs.

ExtraCare Bucks (ECBs)

ECBs are "like cash" coupons that are earned by using you ExtraCare card Each month, products are identified in an ExtraCare Booklet as giving ECBs all month long. Other products that give ECBs are identified on a weekly basis and only give out ECBs for the week they are promoted in the ad. Monthly products are sometimes promoted in the week ads also. One ECB is also earned for every two prescriptions filled, and at then of each quarter, CVS gives its customers ECBs worth 2% of their spending for that quarter.

ECBs can be used as payment for your later purchases. There are some exclusions, such as tobacco and alcohol. ECBS are attached to the card used when they are printed; therefore, they can not be shared with others unless they are given the same card to use.

ECBS print at the end of your receipt. They expire 4 weeks from the date printed.
ECBs do not give change. Only use an ECB that is less than or equal to your total. See "Coupon Usage" below for more information.


Coupons that print at the end of receipts are known as CRTs. These are also associated with the card used when they print.

Manufacturer's coupons can be used with CRTs for the same product. For example, if you have a CRT for $1/1 Colgate and a manufacturer's coupon for a $1/1 Colgate, then you can use them both on 1 tube of Colgate.

$/$$ Coupons

CVS will sometime issue coupons and CRTs that will take a certain amount off your total. Emails that contain these coupons are sent out on Thursdays. These coupons can only be used once and only with the card associated with the email address to which it was sent. $/$$ coupons can sometimes be found in on-line editions of newspapers for anyone to use.

Coupon Usage

$/$$ coupons applies to your total before coupons ONLY if you give it to the cashier to scan first. The following is the order in which you should hand your coupons to the cashier:

Manufacturer's and CRTs

Handing over one coupon at a time insures that they will not get out of order. Do not give the ECBs until the cashier has totaled your purchase after the manufacturer's coupons. Give the highest ECB that is less than (equal to) the total. If you still owe money, give the next highest, and so on. If you find that you do not have an ECB that is less than what is left, then pay that amount out of pocket.

Sample Scenerio
The details are only for example; they do not involve past, current, or future sale information. (In fact, it is really just wishful thinking on my part!)
Deal: Huggies Jumbos are $8.99 a pack and Huggies wipes tubs are $2.50 . Buy $20 worth of Huggies diapers and wipes, and get $10 ECBs.

$4/$20 CVS email
-$1.50/1 Huggies Jumbo manufacturer's coupon x 2
-$1/1 any Huggies wipes x 1
-$1 CRT on any Huggies product
$5 ECBs x 2

Huggies Jumbos - $8.99 x 2 = $17.98
Huggies wipes - $2.50 x 1 = $2.50
Total = $20.48

Coupons Given in this Order:
- $4/$20 CVS
- $1.50 Huggies Jumbo
-$1.50 Huggies Jumbo
-$1.00 Huggies wipes
-$1.00 CRT
Total in ManCoupons = $9
Purchase Total = $20.48
Coupon Total = $9.00
New Total = $11.48

- $5 ECBs
- $5 ECBs

Total out of pocket = $1.48
Gain = $10 ECBs

In the end, you are only out $1.48 because you regained the $10 ECBs you spent. Not to mention, you have 2 packs of diapers and a tub of wipes!!

Advanced CVS

"CVS Pros" will talk of rolling ECBs with their purchases. Rolling ECBs involves using ECBs to purchase items that will generate more ECBs. The ultimate success in rolling ECBs occurs when you receive more ECBs than you used to pay, and no money was used to pay for the items. Coupons are used in rolling ECBs.

For more indepth instructions, visit AFC's CVS 101.

More Resources - i heart cvs and

Monday, June 9, 2008

Important Terms

q - coupon

IP - Internet printable

man q - manufacturer's coupon

BOGO - buy one, get one

FAR - free after rebate

OOP - out of pocket

catalina - coupons coupons printed from machine next to register at Kroger or Walgreens; they print right after the receipt

ECB = ExtraCare Bucks from CVS

RR - Register Rewards from Walgreens

ES - EasySaver catalog from Walgreens


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