Saturday, November 1, 2008

Kroger ROCKS!

I just received an envelope from Kroger. According to the envelope, I would find "coupons for my favorite products" and "personalized savings." Of course, a lot of things say that, and I always end up with disappointment and lots of coupons that I can't use.

Imagine my surprise when I found coupons for products that I do actually purchase often. Now, imagine my JOY when I saw that some of those coupons were for FREE products!! As in FREE Oscar Mayer lunch meat...FREE 12-pack Dr. Pepper...FREE Pillsbury sweet rolls...FREE Betty Crocker cake mix.

I received a total of 16 coupons, 4 for free products and the rest for various products like Manwich, vitimans, Kroger Applesauce, and Always. They are all manufacturer's coupons, and on the back it states "DO NOT DOUBLE." I'm interested to see if they will still double since they do on other man coupons.

I am so excited about these coupons, and I can't wait to use them! These coupons are just another reason why I have switched to Kroger for my grocery shopping!



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