Sunday, November 9, 2008

Get Organized for Black Friday

To make the most of the Black Friday sales, you have to be organized. A well-planned day will enable you to get all or most of the items that you want. Below are my tips for organizing during the weeks before BF.

1) Make a list of the items you want to find. Electronics, toys, and winter clothing are always on sale on Black Friday.

2) Look at the leaked ad scans at I'll let you know when new scans are uploaded. Right now, you can find scans for Lowe's, Walgreens, Half Price Books, Harbor Freight, and Kmart. (While you are there, enter their contest.)

3) Save the .pdf files of the ads right away. (They may disappear.)

4) Print out the pages of the scans that contain the items you want.

5) Make a list of the stores carrying your items, the times they will open, and the times that the items will be on the best sale. (A lot of stores will have the several of the same items on sale. If Store A has three items I want, and Store B has only one time, then I will mark Store B off my list, even if the price of the item is better. The amount I would save at Store B is usually not going to be significant enough for me to try to work it in my schedule. However, if Store B opens at an hour before Store A, I may go there before going to Store A.)

I am keeping all of my BF info in a pocket accordion folder.

Each section will contain the ad scans (and real ads once they are out), coupons, and any information I have for the stores I plan to visit. I have already added some labels because I know which stores usually have items I want, and a few already have coupons in them.

On Black Friday, I will keep this folder in my car. I'll move the papers I need for each store into my purse. I'll also file my receipts after I return to the car.

Readers, I'd love for you to leave a comment with tips you have for getting organized for Black Friday!


Cherie said...

You are my hero when it comes to BF! LOL!

You've been given an award. Check it out here:

Tonya said...

You are too sweet!! Thanks!


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