Sunday, November 16, 2008


I've recently received two awards from two awesome bloggers!

The first is from ClipperGirl's Saving Spot. Here are the rules: Mention the blog that gave you the award and comment on their blog to let them know that you have posted their award. You also have to list 6 things you VALUE and 6 things you Don't VALUE. Lastly, you have to pass the award onto 6 other friends.

Things I Value:

1) Family
2) Loyality
3) Common Sense
4) Determination
5) Faith

Things I Don't Value:
1) Ignorance
2) Stupidity
3) Arrogance
4) Pretentiousness
5) Back-stabbing

The second is from Wandering Peanut. I have to share six things for which I'm thankful.

I am thankful for...

1) God's Love

2) My Family

3) My Friends

4) Freedom

5) The Internet

6) Education

I'm going to cheat and give both awards to the same six blogs. Here are six blogs I enjoy:

Bella Casa
Frugal Shopping with Julia
I Love a Good Sale
Fishbowl Sense
List Mama Blog



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