Thursday, October 23, 2008

Walgreens - $5/$20 and Double Dips

New $5/20 coupon! Remember that your total must be $20 after coupons.

November EasySaver Booklet starts on 10/24. The October ES ends on 10/25, so you have two days in which you can 'double dip' on the coupons. When you double dip, you use an ES coupon from both months. Since you can also use man coupons and rebates, you can get some pretty awesome deals!

Here's the best double-dips and the man. q's that go with them:

Oct. ES q - $1/2
Nov. ES rebate - $5/4
Man q - $1/2
(Cost: $1/4 after q's and rebate)

KY Yours & Mine
Oct. ES q - $5/1
Nov. ES q - $5/1
Printable - $$5/1
(Cost: $4.99 after q's)

Schick Quattro, 3 pack
Oct ES q - $2/1
Nov ES q - $3/1
Man q - $2/1
(Cost - $0.99 after q's)

Some stores do not put the new booklets out until the current is through, but you can print the coupons off and take them in the store. Here's November's ES booklet.

See this post for more info on savin' money at Walgreens.



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