Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Swagbucks = Easy $5 Amazon gift certificates!

Do you remember this post about Swagbucks from a month ago? I'd just joined Swagbucks and encouraged you to do so too. I have been using the Swagbucks search engine several times almost every day for the past month, and tonight I reached 90 bucks. I cashed them in and got two $5 gift certificates to Amazon! I could have cashed in for 1 card at 45 bucks, but I enjoyed seeing the total climb higher! Honestly, Swagbucks is really a super easy way to earn prizes! Why don't you try it and see what you think? You can sign up by clicking the banner below!

Search & Win

Thank you to those who have signed up via my link because I earn a swagbuck every time you earn some!


Anonymous said...

swagbucks are awesome!


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