Sunday, October 19, 2008

Money-Making Monday - Global Opinion Panels

Synovate Global Opinion Panels is another research panel in which I'm involved. This panel is probably the easiest to do because they only send out surveys a few times a month. You earn points for each survey complete, and you can redeem the points for cash rewards. For every 5,000 points, you can earn $5. The amount of points you can earn per survey varies -- I've earned everywhere from 15 to 1250. You can also win rewards through Synovate's monthly sweepstakes.

Because this panel is not very demanding, it does take a while to earn enough points to cash out. If you're looking for quick cash, this panel isn't for you; however, if you're like me, you think every little bit counts. If you're interested in joining Synovate, fill out the form below and I'll email you an invite!



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