Sunday, September 21, 2008

Money-Making Monday -

As a registered member of, you can win "digital dollars" (swagbucks) when you search the internet. Swagbucks come in amounts of $1, $2, $2, $3, and $5 dollars and can be redeemed for prizes, such as gift cards, books, movies, and gaming systems. You'll receive 5 swagbucks when you register. Even better, whenever you win swagbucks, you're entered into a drawing for a Wii! Another way to win swagbucks is to invite others to join. I signed up under Christina at Northern Cheapskate, and now she wins a buck every time I win! (Edit: Kimberly at My Good Cents did not win her Wii from Swagbucks, but she has been able to get some great prizes, like a Nitendo DS!)

Search results are from Google and Every time I've searched, I've received "real" results that are exactly what I need. You won't win bucks every time you search, though. Swagbucks is somehow set up so that only people who are searching "naturally" will win. This keeps people from racking up points by searching for hours at a time. One member found that searching about five times in the morning and five times at night will get you the best results.
I joined last week, and I am already up to 20 swagbucks. I haven't paid attention to when I win, but I do win at least a buck each day. I'm currently working for a $5 Amazon gift card, which cost 45 swagbucks.

Ready to try it out?! Click on the banner below to sign up! Let me know if you sign up so I can thank you!

Search & Win


Kimberly said...

I actually won the Wii from another sweepstakes but I have gotten lots of cool stuff from Swagbucks! Love them! I've cashed out my points for a Nintendo DS, lots of gift cards, a game for the Wii and I almost have enough to get the Wii Fit :)

Good luck! :)

Tonya said...

Oops! I read your comment wrong, I guess! Thanks for letting me know - and for letting me know all the cool stuff you've won!


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