Monday, September 15, 2008

Money-Making Monday: MyPoints

Until a few months ago, I never realized how easy it would be to make extra money through the Internet. Being a really cautious (aka paranoid) person, making money via the Internet seemed to scream "scam!" Once I started reading others' blogs, I realized that I might be wrong. So, after much research, I have joined several money-making sites. Every Monday, I'm going to highlight one of the sites I use so that you can see why it is on my "not a scam!" list.



MyPoints is probably my favorite because it's so simple. I can earn points by reading emails, buying items online at my favorite stores, taking surveys, and using coupons.


Emails: Reading emails usually earns you 5 points, but you can sometimes earn more points by signing up for the newsletter/website/product that the email is advertising.

Shopping: Each affliated store offers different points. At Barnes and Noble, you earn 10 points for each dollar you spend, while you only earn 2 points for each dollar you spend at ebay. To receive the points you have to log in your MyPoints account and go to the site through MyPoints.

Joining Clubs: By joining clubs like NetFlix, QPB, and Columbia House, you can earn a large amount of points. I earned 1,000 by joinning QPB.

Surveys: Occassionally, you'll be asked to participate in a survey that will earn you 10-50 points.
Credit Card: Apply for and use the MyPoints credit card and earn points for the purchases you put on your card.

Coupons: Print coupons from from your MyPoints account. You'll get points each month for redeeming them.


You can use your points to purchase gift cards to stores, such as CVS, Target, Au Bon Pain, and many, many more. The amount of points needed to "buy" a gift card varies, but most $25 cards need between 3,000-4,000 points. Some stores offer $10 gift cards that cost somewhere in the 1,000 pt range.

My Experience

I have been a member of MyPoints for 3 months, and I already have 4,000 points in my account. I earned most of them from reading emails and making purchases that would have made without being a member. I have more points that I'm waiting to be reported to mypoints. I'm going to "cash out" the points for gift cards closer to Christmas. I'll either give the gift cards as gifts or use them to buy gifts.


Joining is easy! Just email me (my email is at the top of the sidebar), and I'll send you a referral. Did I mention that you can earn 250 points by referring people? This month, you can earn double points (that's 500 points) for refferals.



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