Saturday, July 19, 2008

Walgreens - The Great Diaper Deal

"The" Diaper Deal is back - $5.99 a pack x 3 - $5/2 ES coupon = CHEAP diapers + 5 RR

I have not done this deal, so I can only report to you what others have experienced. This is the deal that I have worked out based on what others have said:

Buy 3 packages of diapers (everyone recommends getting the premium) at $5.99 each for a total of $17.97.

ES coupon will actually take off $2.50 for each diaper, making the total $10.47.

Receive 5 RR to use on your next purchase. (You can not use it toward more diapers.)

So, you will end up with 3 packages of diapers for $5.47!

There is a pharmacy coupon that people have used toward this deal; however, the coupon states that it is off the regular price of diapers, so I am not including it in this scenerio.

This deal gets EVEN better on Thursday and Friday (if there are diapers left!) because you will be able to "double dip" Easy Saver coupons! That means that you can use the $5/2 ES coupon from July and August together! Some stores may not want to do it, but Corp. has said it is allowed.

Your deal would look like this: $17.97 - $15.00 (2.50 x 3 x 2) = $2.97 + 5 RR!!

A little bit more info:

-Only buy 3 packs at a time. You will not receive two RRs in the same purchase if you buy more than 3.

-Walgreens diapers run a bit smaller than others, so others have recommended getting a size bigger than what you normally buy.

-If your store won't have the August ES out on the 25th, you can print the coupon out from their ES page. (*link is fixed!)

Let me know how this deal works for you!

Source: AFC



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