Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Codes and Coupons

Last week, several bloggers shared that the code BR41925 would take off mega money on your order. The mailer I received had me assuming that it was $5 off your entire order, but apparently it's $5 off each item! Buying items less than $5 makes the items free! Have the items shipped to the store for free shipping! Reports are that you have to pay something for the order to go through, so pick up something for $5.99. I didn't report it earlier because there so much skeptism, but I have now received confirmation that an order I placed and one that Corey placed (using Firefox) have shipped.


There's a Wags $5/20 for tomorrow only, but remember your total has to be $20 AFTER coupons. These coupons are still a great deal if you use them to buy rebate items.



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