Saturday, June 28, 2008

Worth the Money

CARA, the local "no-kill" animal shelter, is in desperate need of funds. They operate totally from donations, and they have recently been in the news because of the possibility of having to close down from lack of funds. That means that over 400 animals would be in need of home, and those not adopted would be put down.

There are many ways that YOU can help!

1) Make a donation directly to them.
-Send a check to 960 Flag Chapel Rd., Jackson, MS 39209, or call (601) 922-7575 or (601) 946-7956.

2) Search the Internet using GoodSearch. CARA will receive 50% revenue generated by searches through GoodSearch done in their name.
- Type "Community Animal Research and Adoption" under "Who do you GoodSearch for?"
- Double check that it says ""Community Animal Research and Adoption - CARA (Jackson, MS)" - Be sure to read the FAQs so you can make the most of your searching!

3) Buy magazine subscriptions here. (I recommend getting the 2-year subscription to All You magazine. The price equals to .84 an issue, and you will save tons with the coupons in each magazine!)

4) Play bingo at Northview Bingo.

5) Shop using iGive.

You can also sponsor specific pets for $15 a month or provide items from their wish list.

Whenever you decide that the time is right to add a pet to your family, please consider adopting one from an animal shelter. Our wonderful Phineas came from the Serenity Animal Rescue in Cleveland, MS. He was one of nine puppies that Serenity rescued from being put down at the Cleveland Animal Shelter because the shelter did not have room for them. I found him through Petfinder. Even though he is totally not what we were looking for, the series of events that caused us to get him made it obvious to us that HE was meant just for US. Of course, I would love for you to donate to Serenity too. They are also in desperate need for donations as they are a new organization!



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