Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In the Spotlight: Walgreens


Each month, Walgreens issues an EasySaver (ES) catalog that contains coupons and rebates good for that month. The ES dates sometime start in the pervious month, so be sure to check the date on the book.

The coupons in the ES do not need to be torn out in order to be used. Just show the coupon to the cashier from the book. You can use the coupons multiple times each month. Coupons may say "limit x item(s), " but the coupon will still take off $ for all items over that amount. For example, if you buy 5 pens at $1 and use an ES coupon for .50, .50 will be taken off for all 5 pens, even though the coupon says "limit 2 items."

Rebates are valid all month long. Some rebate items are put on sale through the month, making your out-of-pocket less. Each rebate has a different purchase limit. Rebates on qualifying purchases are redeemed in two ways: 1)filling out the form in the ES and sending in receipts or 2) completing an online form. You can only request one check, so wait until the end of the period to send in your form or request your check online. If you use the online service, you can put in your purchase information, and Walgreens will automatically send your request when the time period is up.


7 day q's - Each weekly ad contains coupons that can be used all week long to get special sale prices on items. The coupons do not need to be cut out, but the do need to be shown to the cashier for you to receive the sale price. Coupons usually have limits, but you can purchase the limit each visit to Walgreens during the sale period.

Special Walgreens q's - Occassionally, Walgreens will put out booklets with coupons in them. These coupons work in the same manner of ES coupons and will take off the $ amount on all qualifying items purchased.

$5/$20 q's - These coupons will only work if your total is $20 AFTER coupons. They are put out online a few times a month.

Man q's - Manufacturer's coupons can be used in conjunction with 7-day q's, ES q's, and other Walgreen's q's. They can also be used on rebate items. Because the q's are taken off at the end of the receipt, you will receive the rebate item's price before man coupon.

Register Rewards

Walgreens will sometimes issue Registrar Rewards for purchasing special items. These Rewards are printed from the Catalina machine. Policy on RR's have recently changed, and indivdual stores have varying policies regarding them. Some stores only allow one RR to be used toward a purchase, while others allow more than one. RR's should be given after all other coupons have been scanned.

Sample Scenerio

Toothbrush - $5.00, with a rebate of $4.00

- $1 ES q
- $1 man q

Total after Coupons = $3.00

Total after Coupons and Rebate = - $1.00 (You make a dollar!)

*Please let me know if you have any questions about Walgreens or if you have any information for me to add to this description!